Vol 5, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents

Leading Audits

Does Thyroplasty Improve Patient Symptomatology and Patient Satisfaction? Abstract PDF
Elizabeth Janet Illing, Claudia Lucy Dalton, Sucha Hampal
Inpatient management of epistaxis: benefit of a formal management protocol Abstract PDF
Thomas Jacques, Hannah Bykar, Robert Nash, Marie Lyons
Reducing inappropriate blood glucose test strip prescribing in a general medical practice Abstract PDF
Sunna Asghar, Carl de Wet, Jill Murie

Original Audits

Are We Requesting Knee X-rays Appropriately?: An Audit of Compliance with Ottawa Knee Rule Abstract PDF
Muhammad Waqas Ahmad Mangat, Grace Hui Chin Lim, Joanne Hui Yee Lim, Marvin Chang Jui Lim, Jessica Hui Cheah Lim, Nicola Littlewood
Pre-Operative Fasting Durations in Elective Adult Patients in Leicester Glenfield Hospital Abstract PDF
Ayodele Sasegbon, Elizabeth Jonck
Consent in trauma patients at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Abstract PDF
Anna Thomas, David Standley
Pre-operative scaling marker use in elective and trauma hip arthroplasty Abstract PDF
Hayat Khan, Andrea Wadsworth, Ramyya Sivanathan, Marc George
Are patients given an informed choice between breast-conserving surgery (BCS) and mastectomy for breast cancer when BCS is indicated? Abstract PDF
Gargeshwari Krishnamurthy Guru Raghavendra, Hannah Knowles, Youssef Magdi, Carr Michael
GP Thyroid Ultrasound referrals: current trends and appropriateness Abstract PDF
Siarhei Kuzmich, Sarumathy Sritharan, Mark Farrugia, Jayanthi Subramaniam, Kai Lee Tan, Chinna Padmanathan, Hussein Kamel
Usage of antimicrobial stickers across the University Hospital of Wales before and after intervention: An Audit Cycle Abstract PDF
Huma Changez, Robin Howe, Ammara Mushtaq, Victoria Garnett
Surgical Technique influences Tonsillectomy Complications- A Multi-Cycle Audit Abstract PDF
George Barrett, Christian Potter

Short Audits

A prospective audit of surgical staff drug prescribing and administering standards and targeted training outcomes Abstract PDF
Tasadooq Hussain, Nadia Hussain, Harald Bausbacher
Improving Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis in the Surgical In-Patient Abstract PDF
Andrew Haslett, Aodhan Glynn, Ellen Meland, Graham MacKay
Psychotropic and Nonprescription Products Interaction: An audit of professional practice. Abstract PDF
Uma Rajendhran, Itoro Udo, Angus Bell, Katie Phelps
Quality of fall reviews : Can it be improved? Abstract PDF
Marjan Ghazirad, Farshad Shaddel, Lilian Hickey
Frequency of follow-up radiographs in operatively treated Ankle Fractures: A complete audit cycle Abstract PDF
Ihsan Mahmood, Ali Raza, Huw Pullen


The quality of eye observations following reduction of zygomatico-orbital complex fractures: closing the audit loop. Abstract PDF
Manjit Dhillon, Terry Lowe
Is the HER2 status known when decision for systemic treatment is being made at St Richard’s Hospital Breast cancer Multidisciplinary Decision Team (MDT) Meetings? Abstract PDF
Manuela Cresswell, Wendy Sotheran
Trends in as required psychotropic prescribing between high secure & medium secure units in Scotland – A completed audit cycle Abstract PDF
Karthik Bommu, Elizabeth Victoria Crossey
Re-audit: Quality of Clinical Letters Sent by Psychiatrists to General Practitioners Abstract PDF
Olympia Agalioti, H Pathmanandam

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