The Online Journal of Clinical Audits, Vol 8, No 1 (2016)

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Audit on standard technique of nasal endoscopy

Selvamalar Vengathajalam, Senthilraj Retinasekharan, Irise HK Chen, Teik Beng Lau, Maynaga Jessica, Nithya Kanesan, Kin Choo Pua


Aims - To audit the adherence to the standard technique of nasal endoscopy in ENT Clinic HPP.


Methods - A retrospective study from 13th July 2015 till 23rd July 2015 was done. Specialists were assigned to analyze the technique of nasal endoscope performed by the medical officers. Post audit was from 27th July 2015 till 5th August 2015. Inclusive criteria was patients aged above 12 years old undergoing nasal endoscope performed by MO under supervision of specialist. Pregnant women, uncooperative patients and patients undergoing fibreoptic scope were excluded.


Results - The pre audit results showed 94% of spraying patients, 42% of reassuring patients, 48% of positioning patients, 88% of first pass, 22% of second pass and 22% of third pass. The post audit results showed 100% of spraying patients, 93% of reassuring patients, 98% of positioning patients, 100% of first pass, 76% of second pass and 75% of third pass.


Conclusions - Therefore a standard technique of nasal endoscope is essential and has to be implemented to ensure accurate and proper diagnosis making and this ultimately improves quality of patient's healthcare.

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